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My Experiences with a Potentially Deadly Force

What is alcohol?

In the hands of a consumer, alcohol is a potentially deadly force!

How do you know when alcohol is becoming a potentially deadly force?

I know each of the following nine signs well because I have lived through them.

The First Sign — A Childhood Experience

The first sign of a problem is seen in those who have tried alcohol at a very, very young age and more than once. Those who are the children of alcoholic parents are especially vulnerable. These children have been trained to think that alcohol is a part of normal life.

The Second Sign — Fitting In

The second sign happens in teenagers when they agree to drink with friends to fit in and be cool. This type of behavior often leads to problems with the law or with family.

If this represents where you are in your life, please stop now!

20 to 21 is the most crucial age range. Those in this age bracket often think they are graduating to a higher, legal level. But those with this kind of thinking are setting up their lives for disaster. 21 is also the age when a person will know if he or she can have only a couple of occasional drinks.

If you can’t stop after a drink or two, you can’t handle drinking! It’s not too late if you will stop at once!

The Third Sign — Drinking Alone

When a person doesn’t mind drinking alone, without the need to be around his cool friends, alcohol is taking over. That person won’t even realize that it is taking over.

The Fourth Sign — Escaping

People often choose to drink to escape the problems of life.

Believe me; this never works. Your problems will still be there waiting on you. But now, you will have even more problems. If you are allowing alcohol to isolate you from your family, special events, or anything important in your life, please stop now! Alcohol almost has control over you. Please, GET HELP!

The Fifth Sign — Loss of Control

As alcohol continues to be used as a way to escape and to avoid dealing with the serious issues in life, regrets, blackouts, a loss of memory, a lack of good moral character, a loss of financial responsibility, and getting into fights or even arrested will result.

If you are aware of these problems, but continue to drink so you can get back to your own numb, careless world and you feel this is your only way out, alcohol has you!

The Sixth Sign — Admitting the Problem

At this stage, a person admits that alcohol is in control and will try to stop on his or her own, with AA meetings, or in some other way.

If you admit that alcohol has you, you try to stop, and you still fail, do not stop trying! YOUR LIFE IS AT STAKE!!!

The Seventh Sign — Keepin’ up the Fight

Keep up the good fight.

I hope you never make it this far, believe me. But if you do, don’t give up. You are the only one at this point in your life who can beat it.

The Eighth Sign — A Change of Scenery

It is necessary to be around people that are encouraging and supportive.

If you are trying your best to stop, but can’t seem to do it, don’t give up. Instead, change the company or friends you hang out with. Remember, a true friend will support you and never offer alcohol to you. You will find out who your true friends are.

If you are still choosing alcohol to escape, it is because you feel it is the only way to overcome all your problems. This is what your mind is telling you. But, it is the farthest thing from the truth.

The Nineth Sign — A Dying Body

Now, the alcohol is very serious because the diseased mind is controlling the life and body.

All of the sudden, you can drink for hours or days and still function because your body seems to be immune to this disease. You start to think that you can handle drinking like the pros. But, the truth is that the alcohol is eating your body from the inside out and you don’t even realize this is happening. Believe me; I’ve been there! At this point, alcohol is now a deadly force!!!

The Final Sign — One Last Hope

In this stage, you feel that you have tried everything possible, only to fall on your knees or face in desperation. You realize that you have failed and it is now too late. However, there is still one solution. At this point, it is the only solution.

Stay on your knees or with your face down. This is your sign from God. Confess your sins to God and surrender your life to Him. In faith, accept the forgiveness of sins that Jesus’ death provides and agree to allow Jesus to be in charge of your life. When you are baptized, God will send His Holy Spirit to live inside of you. Now, God’s voice will guide you each and every day as long as you are willing to listen to Him and follow Him each and every day. What a great gift: the gift of pure life found in JESUS!!!

This is your only way to get your life back. And believe me, your new life will be 10,000 times or more better!

You are now on your way to the top! But now, you must stay grounded to the Lord. Go to church; read your Bible. You will love it. I know. Now you must do whatever it takes to stay faithful to the Lord. He will never, ever, let you down — no matter what.

Don’t ever even think of having just a few drinks. You can’t. Remember, if you could, you and I would have never made it to “The Final Sign.” Instead, keep your faith in the Lord and never deny Him. Now, He has given you a pure life.

Remember, God knows you and He knows you can do this. So do I or I would not have written this. Remember, as for you and me, the Lord is the only One with enough power to save us from ourselves. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and don’t even know it.